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Meet Hélène Duminy

Founder of Maïavie

Let’s co-create your products!

The success of Maïavie’s support depends on the relationship of trust we build. For this, my experience, my skills, but above all my personality and my interpersonal skills are essential. I invite you to find out more about my background and why I founded Maïavie.

My background

‘I have a relatively traditional background: I graduated as a food & nutrition engineer and worked for more than 10 years in international pharmaceutical laboratories where I was in charge of formulation, regulatory quality, purchasing and scientific material development as an Industrial R&D Manager.

During this time, I established quality professional relationships with various French and European service providers. I also developed a reliable professional network which is now very useful to me, and which I make available to my clients.

I soon realised that there was a lack of optimised services for small organisations or companies that only wanted consulting on a specific point and did not necessarily have the in-house resources required.

They lacked a proactive partner with a 360° view who could help them manage their project from A to Z. They needed a contact person for all service providers, anticipating their needs and the uncertainties of the food supplements and cosmetics market.

These organisations often asked me to intervene on an ongoing project that was not successful or was considerably delayed, due to the involvement of too many people and blockages that could have been avoided if they had been anticipated from initial discussions with clients’.

Why Maïavie?

‘With my skills in R&D, formulation, purchasing, sourcing, production, regulations and quality, I am a dedicated contact person. With Maïavie, I want to offer creators of food supplements and cosmetics comprehensive services to bring their project to fruition, in a personalised way that is truly tailored to their needs.

During my various experiences, I have too often heard clients tell me that they had the ambition to create their own brands but:

  • that it was difficult to find suitable industrial partners for their formula or the size of the desired batch;
  • that the regulations and steps involved in bringing a product to market were complex;
  • or that after years of work, their product had to be withdrawn from the market because it did not comply with current legislation or was not tailored to the specific needs of a market, not to mention the production times and responsiveness of all the external players.

Having worked in-house in laboratories, I know the constraints of wanting to develop a range and the risks of production, formulation, etc.

I would therefore like to offer my know-how upstream of projects and above all provide unique support at all stages, linking the client brief to the marketing of the product’.

My areas of expertise

‘I have been lucky enough to be able to diversify my field of activity in 10 years and to have developed new skills. My core business is research and development of food supplements and cosmetics, but over the years I have also specialised in regulations, quality and purchasing.

During my experiences, I had to take on the double role of export sales person with the canvassing of potential clients, but above all the creation of scientific and marketing materials to help them promote their products on their target market based on various aspects.

As a determined and pragmatic go-getter, I have always liked taking on new challenges. This ambition still drives me today and pushes me to continue scientific monitoring, trade fair attendance, etc.

And, as I like to say almost every day, there are no problems, only solutions. It is with this in mind that I founded Maïavie’.

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