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Research & Development

Maïavie develops more than 100 new formulas each year

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Maïavie: a trusted partner

To develop a value-added project

Maïavie uses our knowledge and expertise in food supplements and cosmetology to develop more than 100 new formulas each year for our clients, from pharmaceutical laboratories to very small businesses.

From ‘standard’ food supplements to more complex and innovative formulas, we approach all projects with the same commitment and involvement.

We work with you to:

  • Turn your ideas into real concepts
  • Provide you with a personalised competitive intelligence service
  • Identify your market opportunities
  • Support you in developing innovative products.
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R&D according to Maïavie

We continually monitor these areas to stay informed of innovations, formulas, new active ingredients and natural alternatives. Our aim is to advise you as accurately as possible about the latest scientific advances.

We choose the most relevant ingredients according to the desired properties of the product from a wide range of raw materials and active ingredients sourced from our various partner suppliers.

We draw up the specifications of the product to be developed during analysis of your project. This document serves as a basis for our work. It outlines elements such as your product’s target market, the desired claims, the formulations being considered (dry or liquid form), modes of consumption, nutritional components, packaging, launch date and target price.

Our aim is to ensure that your products comply with regulatory standards when launched. Maïavie meticulously evaluates the raw materials used with regard to the criteria required by legislation and quality standards in France and Europe.

Our team develops an optimal formula tailored to meet all your criteria and to comply with the regulations in force in your markets. Once the active ingredients have been selected on the basis of their efficacy/synergy, we ensure that substance and filler dosages are maintained throughout the formulation phase in order to benefit from all the synergistic properties of the ingredients.

Our other areas of expertise

fabrication conditionnement complement alimentaire cosmetique expert prestataire
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Manufacturing and packaging

reglementaire conformite complement alimentaire
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